A Sustainable Future for HD82


When I think about my four kids and fourteen grandchildren, I often think about the world that older generations like myself are leaving behind. And while our world has progressed in more ways than I can count over the course of my lifetime, we are also witnessing many challenges. Particularly when it comes to leaving a healthy, sustainable planet for future generations.

Renewable Energy & Green Jobs

It’s our responsibility as leaders of our community to find ways to not only combat climate change, but also lead our community to create more green jobs. We have a unique opportunity to lead the Midwest, and the country, in creating new, exciting, good-paying green energy jobs right here in our district. When I get to Des Moines, that means pushing for policies like:

  • Working with business and community leaders to create more opportunities locally in high-paying fields like solar and wind

  • Protecting net metering which encourages the installation of residential solar

  • Expanding the Solar Energy Tax Credit for homeowners and businesses

  • Keeping Iowa on the cutting edge of wind technology

  • Working with our community colleges and state universities to provide education and training for those looking to work in green energy

Sustainable Agriculture

Our great state was blessed with some of the most fertile soil on earth. Agriculture is the backbone of our state and the state needs to partner with our rural communities and farmers to protect our soil, air and water. To do so, I’ll work to enact policies such as:

  • Encouraging the use of cover crops and buffer strips to guard against topsoil erosion

  • Putting into place measures that aim to protect the biodiversity of HD82

  • Researching the benefits of regenerative agriculture to decrease carbon use and maintain soil biodiversity

  • Protecting all animals from abuse and neglect

  • Giving local communities a seat at the table when it comes to siting large scale confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs)

Water Quality Improvement

In addition to fighting climate change, we also need to think about how we care for the water that we drink. Every day, we depend on it to keep us healthy. I’ll fight to improve the quality of our water through measures such as:

  • Using a regional or watershed approach to protecting our streams, rivers and lakes

  • Partnering with local farmers to install bioreactors and retention ponds which reduces nitrogen runoff

  • Providing more funding to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to keep our lakes, streams, and rivers suitable for recreation

  • Assisting local communities with quick and effective cleanup efforts if pollutants are identified

In Des Moines, I’ll do all that I can to enact measures that will care for our environment. We see the effects of climate change in rural Iowa. By becoming more sustainable, we’ll help our communities prosper and allow families to continue raising their kids in places like HD82.